Preparation for 5th Lion starts begin!


Traditionally, the most massive orienteering competitions in Lviv will take place on the first weekend of August.

In the last weekend of January, the team of the organizers of the Open Cup of Lviv gathered to discuss the preparations for the start of 2018. In this year it`s will be a mini-anniversary – 5 years. We can already report that the event will be held on 3-5 August. The format of the competition remains unchanged: middle, long, sprint. But the maps will be new. The area of ​​forest race is already agreed. Maps will be created by Ukrainian cartographer Teslenko Mikhail this spring. The sprint area is still being clarified, but it is known that the map will be used first time. Oleksandr Kratov, who has already planned the forest course of last year, will be planning all the course. So we expect interesting challenges from great ukrainian orienteer.

In addition, for the comfort of our guests, Yaroslav Pazhukh updated the site of the competition. On this site gradually will be posting news related with the preparation and competitions, of course. You can already read the short history of competitions, which was launched in 2014, and also view maps and results.

We very much appreciate the support of our sponsors in 2017: Gorgany, Cardinal, HANDLOPEX, Taste of Life, Lviv City Council and we look forward to cooperation this year. And we are always open to new acquaintances and proposal.

The first information for the Open Cup of Lviv-2018 will be available in mid-February. And the application for the passionate supporters to combine the pleasure with the useful and reasonably to plan their summer will be open 01.05.2018

Every day the season of competitions is getting closer, which means that the organizers team is actively preparing not only for own starts and results, but also for your satisfaction on forest and city races in the city of Lion in August.